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4 Types of People Who Will Never Be Financially Free

September 12th, 2014

I often see people falling into four (4) primary brackets of financial failure-success. I call it “failure success” because they succeed some degree, but really fail in the long run. It’s blinding to them and they wont see the light until things get tougher, or something hits them in the face. (This is the normality with humans – we don’t change until we hit a ¬†precibus).

I have seen this in my friends, business people, and noticed there has been a pattern with people and they typically fall into these categories and it is all due to their mindset. It’s your mindset that will keep you in your current situation and it’s the mindset that is the key critical component to get you out of the situation or rut you are in. The down part behind this is that human behavior is one of the hardest things to change in yourself.

How do I label these category types? Well they are called:

  • Big Scorer: Looking for that one big score
  • Looper: Repeating mistakes or doing the same thing that slowly kills them
  • Prisoner: working for the $8 / hr job but dreaming for more.
  • Blinded: in financial blindness due to an issue (such as spending habits)

Type #1: Big Scorer

The “Big Scorer” is the person looking to make one big score. They have the lottery mentality to achieve their greatest wealth by creating one big score. This doesn’t mean they have to win the lottery, but it does mean they’re looking for one big solution to usually one major problem that they have in their life or something that they are not satisfied with.

Who this happens to:

I have seen this happen with business retirees who worked most of their life (and were just semi-successful) but now are financially depleted. They may have some living capital but nothing extreme compared to their earlier life style. They cling on to their current savings and live their life normally, but the thing they focus on in the future is to have this “one big score.”

Their Mindset

I am working on this big deal that will change everything. If I get these investors to sign off on this project it will change our lifestyle.

This is the mindset that they have and this is the thought going through their head.


Wealth is created over time by making consistent and repeatable decisions that lead to a certain outcome. It takes time to build wealth, a business, a relationship, or anything. A lottery mentality is the wrong way to think about success as it comes for a seldom few.

Type #2: Looper

The “Looper” is the person repeating choices that lead to destruction based on choice even when they have the capacity to make changes and want to. They keep making the same decisions over and over and it slowly depletes them. It is not always related to making bad money choices and could be related to business decisions or life style choices.

Who this Happens To

This tends to happen to young entrepreneurs quite a bit. They get into a business and the business is decently successful to the point of it pays their bills, but it does not actually allow them to have a life or spending money and they still have to pinch and have a room mate. Over time they still continue to work in the business or run the business even though the clearest and best decision is to liquidate. Instead they continue to loop their decision because of the perks they receive.

Their Mindset

I need to sell the business, but right now I just been so busy and it’s not that bad. I really enjoy the freedom I get from owning my business though – so maybe I will keep it…


When you typically are talking about something you will move towards that direction – but it takes time. Many people loop because they are scared of the future that they can not see and will stay in their comfortable palace.

If your a looper, you will loop the lifestyle and business you don’t enjoy will just spread your time thin in the long run and you will continue doing it.

If you are looping in other parts in your life like having an abusive relationship – the same issue arise. It’s for this reason many people stick in their abusive relationship, because it is difficult to see the unforeseen as you have adapted to the current one already.

Type #3: The Prisoner

The “Prisoner” is one that dreams, wants different, wants better, they see the outside world, they have been there, they want to be there, but they just can not leave.

Who This Happens To

There are millions of prisoners in this world. Many of them work for $8 an hour at a grocery store, chain restaurant, or even a mall that pays very minimal. Of course we all need jobs to live in the modern world and pay for the expenses. Unfortunately,  in the modern world $8 an hour does not get you far because you still have those initial expenses such as food, water, shelter, and clothing.

Often times this happens to people who aren’t even close to breaking out of the prison, but then something happens. Either they have an unexpected child that they need to provide for, an unexpected car accident, medical issue, etc.

Their Mindset

I just need o keep working… if I keep doing my job and finish school I will eventually have enough money to go look for a better job…. (time goes by)… I don’t have enough time to do school and work and I have to pay my bills, so I think I need to quit school.


I admire these people greatly out of all four types, because they see the future they want. They are dreamers and have visions unlike the blinded (type #4 below). However, still their choices, priorities, and mindset keeps them from dramatic changes to their life.

They are looking for minimal changes that they think will help them such as an increased pay of $2 an hour which will not get you far.

Type #4: The Blinded

The “Blinded” is the person stuck in a rut and has some serious problems, but they are not looking to make changes in their situation. They in fact are not even aware of that they are blind because they were born blind and no one told them they were blind. When you have no idea what the world is or how the sky looks, you have no reference point. For them, they are blinded in their spending habits, the future outcome of their spending, their debt sucks them down, but they do not see it happening thinking that everything is fine – (ignorance is bliss as they say).

Who this Happens To

This happens to a lot of Americans and you see the pattern right away when I say credit card debt. People go about spending their usual amount time and time again as they learned in their early years of life. They accumulate debt, purchase a new boat, like to even out at decent or expensive restaurants, and eventually this catches up to them.

After 10 years into their life of spending between their mid-twenties and mid-30s is they now have $50,000 in credit card debt or more, and they are struggling greatly financially. The kick behind all this is they really do not care to make changes in their life for the better because what they see is the norm on TV, social media, and reinforced support from their friends – because their colleagues are similar.

Their Mindset

I want to go out to dinner tonight and eat some yummy lobster. I don’t have cash, but I guess I can put it on my credit card. Oh and that jet-ski I looked at seemed like a great deal, maybe I should buy it.


Awareness is the first step to making changes in your life. Where as the “looper” is aware of their situation, they still the only changes. However, the blinded are not even aware of their situation.

They are confined to their blind state without seeing the outside world so they keep making the same choices repeatedly until either bankruptcy, divorce, or death.


There are probably many more types of categories of people that are still on the brink of breaking free however these are the ones that I see over and over again.

You can see they are all similar and connected in which they are. All of them, and everyone in this world for that matter, can live different if they choose to and make decisions and choices that move them towards that path.

Unfortunately, as I mentioned earlier the biggest thing that we have to overcome is our own mental state which can be the toughest. Battling with yourself is a lose lose situation because your two parts (your previous self and your new self) both want good things for you.

The previous self, wants you to be comfortable, have security, and feel safe. The future self, wants you to be better, grow, and evolve. So they are looking out for you – the question is just which part of you wins?

Author: sash@mylittlenest

I'm Sasha Evdakov, an educational entrepreneur, and a study dork. I am an expert in business, marketing, and financial concepts. I want to share with you real world education and experiences so you can evolve your life to the next level and do what you love to do! Connect with me on YouTube, Google+, Facebook, or Twitter