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About Sasha

Hi, I’m Sasha Evdakov, and I focus on educating and helping people develop their businesses and build wealth. I love to study a variety of topics such as business, marketing, finance, and stock trading but more importantly I love to push people like you… I love to push people past their comfort zone, to make you think differently, and to get you to do things that are difficult and counter-intuitive because that’s what it takes to succeed. I also speak at colleges and various events, coach privately, write books, and create video courses.

Everything I do is focused on contributing back to education and helping people learn more about developing their business and lives. That’s my goal.

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My Story

I struggled for years getting things aligned and being congruent. I worked for years on building a website business, but struggled for years. With many failures one after the other, I continued to study experts, read  hundreds of books, attended many seminars, and watched hundreds of hours of video courses. I finally was able to put the pieces together for myself.

I created a few successful businesses which I was able to turn around and sell for quite a bit of money.

Now I run quite a few website businesses successfully, sell products, books, video courses and trade on the stock market.

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