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The Art of a Jobstyle: Your Job Transformed Into Your Lifestyle

Sometimes I enjoyed talking about things that other people would totally hate me for. However, I enjoy discussing them because it puts people on the edge of their comfort zone. When I look at the average person working these days in a work setting I tend to see them in three ways when it comes to their lifestyle that mixes with their job or work.

  1. Trading your life for your job
  2. Trading your job for your life
  3. In job-limbo or personal satisfaction

This goes along the same lines as people who use the famous phrase glass-half-full or half-empty. I always ask “Why can’t the glass be full where it is” – because that is where the water sits. Or the other term of there is two sides to a coin. Remember that the coin (in rare circumstances) will land on its edge and stand up on its rim even if it’s against a table or something else that supports it.

Before We Get To Deep

I want you to know that for every situation I describe it always comes to lifestyle and what YOU want. There are advantages and disadvantages to all situations. You have to choose what you want for yourself based on your personal goals and future outlook. In other words, don’t think one situation is better than another. I just want to show you the options. As a little disclaimer: I would consider myself as never having a job if we define a job as working for a boss or a large company that is not my own. So much of the information that I present includes discussions with my friends, family, or business partners and the things that I have observed over the years.

What Do I Mean By Trading

I did a Facebook post on this not long ago, but by trading, I am referring to an exchange or your choice of one thing over another. This could be phrased at the selection, opportunity cost, or just personal preference if I was to use some other words.

In our life we trade our time for money which could be thought of in the job sense, money for goods or service, we trade our car for a new and in return we get to raise our stress levels which force us to go to work more, and we trade our energy for a workout which is traded for a slimmer body or healthier self.

So I wonder at times if people are getting what they want in life and if they are not, what did they trade for it. How are your trades doing this year such as your health, love, wealth, or time freedom?

Remember: we are always in search of better trades. This is just human nature.

Trading Your Life for Your Job (Workaholics)

When it comes to work and the workaholics (and I don’t mean workaholics in a negative way – it’s just an easier way to categorize it). They trade their life for their job. I used to be one of these more so in my younger years. I still think there are levels within the workaholics if you dig deeper.

Now, in all honesty, I still work quite heavily, but I always put people first ahead of my job these days such as enjoy a friendly lunch, casual conversation, or just go and spend time with people that mean something to me.

When it comes to trading your life for your job, the workaholics do it best! They would trade their living, breathing, aching moment to work more. They enjoy personal satisfaction, are driven, and always have a lot going for them that can be connected to work.

This goes along the lines of hitting the human motivational triggers like affiliation, power, or achievement.

Everyone is different on why they would work so heavily. Some would do it for affiliation because their social needs are met through work. Maybe they get to associate with higher level people.

For others, it is the notion of achievement. They get to climb higher in the company, save more money, get awesome bonuses or badges, or possibly get a new title added to their name.

Then finally you have the people who go for the power. They want to be a manager or in control of things.

There are quite a few advantages by trading your life for your job but there are disadvantages as well. Let me break some down:

A Few Advantages:

  • Easier to connect with friends and people as they are usually work-related
  • Connection with higher level people or people with power
  • Recognition of being a hard worker and dedicated employee
  • Make more money as you spend more time at work
  • Climb the company and get a higher status level
  • Have great bonuses or gifts quarterly or annually
  • Save up your vacation days for the future

A Few Disadvantages:

  • Exceptionally tired throughout the days
  • Less time for friends, family, and loved ones
  • No time to spend the money you accumulate
  • Health concerns from over stress and lack of sleep

Trading Your Job for Your Life (Lifestylers)

The opposite of Workaholics is Lifestylers. These are the people who would be willing to trade in their job for the lifestyle they want. They would much rather have the time freedom, spend time with family, enjoy a BBQ, and choose that any day over work. Although they may still go to work, they only do it out of sheer necessity based on the basic principles of what is required in life. Keep in mind I am referring to the extreme cases. Lifestylers would not work if they didn’t have to. I tend to always use the example of Jungle People who live in the forest and enjoy their life. Yes, they hunt for food and work for survival, but beyond that, they are far less materialistic and savor the bond among their tribes or people around them. Yes, of course, workaholics still enjoy the simplicity of life and doing the fun things in the sun, however, they would still work even if they did not have to, but unfortunately, we get pulled into our attraction. The lifestyles can party and over drink and the workaholics can be more boring and overly intellectual. Is either one better than the other? No – just a matter of the perspective, future, or values they see in their own lives.

Advantages of a Lifestyler:

  • Enjoying little moments of life with people
  • Does not require a lot of money to make them happy or feel great
  • Less worried or stressed in day to day life
  • More easy going or relaxed at activities so long as it conforms to their happiness.
  • Success or power is not as important as affiliation with people

Disadvantages of a Lifestyler:

  • Forced to go to work in order to survive in the modern world
  • Does not have the highest position
  • Too much freedom can lead to unproductivity or lack of discipline
  • Not always as secure with finances when it comes to retirement
  • Can not always do what they want or travel to the places due to financial restrictions

In Limbo or Completely Satisfied

This 3rd type I like to think of as the edge on the coin. There are people in this world that are uncertain of their situation. They may work hard but gravitate and pull towards the opposite side. Or they may be ones who have fun and live the lifestyle they want but the job is pulling them towards the other end. Or they could be completely content and happy with where they are.

I have, to be honest, I have not met many people who are truly happy as they are. Our human nature constantly wants us to be better and push us towards growth (think Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs).

As if we gravitate towards self-actualization. We are always seeking balance in our lives and its never-ending as the war inside of us fights.

Here’s the thing. For example: as we achieve great work life and income, we crave the love and friendship we missed out on. As we attain the great romantic fairy tale we so craved, people are constantly searching for greener pastures, want to work more, or do not value the time with our family as much as we did before we had one.

Taking On Your Job

I want you to think what you value and what is most important to you?

As you keep working and achieve from your career what you want or gain more income, meet higher level people, how will that change your initial values?

At times you have to go for what you want and other times its best to stay in limbo because it is comfortable. But both pieces want the best for us. The growth phase wants better for us, the comfortable phase wants us to be comfortable.

Think of your own personal values and then set up your job based on those.

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