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People Who Number Crunch Way Too Much

I would like to talk about two different types of people. There are people who have a vision, a glimpse into the future to see how they can help others, a vision of how to solve something, or an idea of how to make something better. The other side of the coin are people who have a primary purpose of just making a buck or two. They typically draw out long calculations of how they will make a large sum of money – I call these the number crunchers.

What is a number cruncher?

Let me first explain what a number cruncher is. Typically number crunchers are entrepreneurs or business people who still have not made a mental transition to help others. They usually are not successful enough yet to be able to stand on their two feet and work at solving a problem. When they have an entrepreneurship endeavor, they are usually focused on their own self-interest and how much money they will make. Often times, these people will create long drawn out calculations on paper or spreadsheets of the future income levels that they will see. This slowly starts to become analysis paralysis, where you are constantly analyzing things all day long but never making anything work or put it into play.

I don’t want to dwell on them too much. Number crunching from time to time is healthy. Back when I first started my business years ago, I have to admit that I was a number cruncher as well. I used to create calculations of where I saw my business, where the growth would be, and how much money I could make so I could buy that new pair of shoes. Granted I did this when I was 13.

My Number Crunching Days

As I slowly developed my business, my numbers seem to be correct. I was starting to hit my lower level figures that I wrote down. I was not reaching my highest figures, but it was nice to see some progress. I was becoming more successful, but the deeper meaning behind everything was missing. At this point many people will want to continue with the business momentum and make more money. They will number crunch again to see the new projections and where to go from here.

Other people however transition into a deeper desire for change, to benefit people more, to help them solve their problems and so on. Most people are not in this way. If you are, good for you! You are probably less than 10% of the population in the world. I personally made the switch to look for benefits and solutions to other people’s problems instead of just going after the paycheck.

The Mental Shift

I would say now I spend about 95% of my time giving back and doing things for free, contributing my knowledge, speaking at seminars and events sometimes for free, and helping the community develop their business. It is from the other 5% where I generate my revenue. I don’t have to work hard at all to make money because the trust has already been built in from the free things that I have already done and contributed back. It actually simplifies your life. When I have something coming out, such as an upcoming seminar or speaking gig, people know that they won’t get bombarded with sales pitches, however if they choose to broaden their education further they know they have that option.

What I’m trying to get to here is don’t spend your time constantly trying to do figures or reach a never-ending goal financially. A lot of times we do need money to survive and live our life, but when you get away from that mentality the rewards are exponential. Do not be the person that is constantly looking out for their own interest and never giving anything back. Or the person that is always looking to the future but never living in the present.

Yes at times those things are important, but you will reap the benefits more if you look towards a higher purpose.

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