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Stop Cleaning the Toilets in Your Business


Stop cleaning toilets in your business! This is a task that is administrative and does nothing to grow your business. At the beginning stage it may be necessary to do the administrative tasks as you are establishing things in the business, but once things start moving your primary focus should be on growth.

You can see that your growth will be stagnant if all you do is clean the floors and toilets at your place of business; these are administrative tasks. Even if you do record keeping all day long you still will not see business growth because eventually, you will run out of records to enter.

The things that do grow your business include things such as marketing, product development, and connecting with people and future customers. It is these things that take your business to the next level.

Focusing on tasks that are strictly administrative is not grow a business, it helps sustain it keep it functioning properly but it will never go wrong with. Now yes, of course, you can lose customers if your toilets are not clean but on the flip side, you will never acquire any new customers by having clean toilets.

So start focusing on growth on your business and quit working in your business doing the administrative tasks.

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