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Your Daily Gear Shifts that Effect Productivity

You remember ever running through a maze in the dark your first time? Each time you come to an obstacle you have to think about what to do or it takes you that extra little bit to adjust your footing and then do it. This little additional time is your brain and body going through a gear-shifting effect or also known as lag-time.

When we are working on things in our business, workout rituals, morning rituals, cooking and cutting up food, there are thousands of gear shifts that happen every single day. This little gear shifting effect takes a few seconds when it is just a thought, other times it takes a few minutes if you misplaced your keys; but adds up over time.

Let’s multiple at a minimum of 100x a day at about 10 seconds each time because you have to get back to what you were doing before the gear shifting took place. In your lifetime if you lived 50 years and eliminated the gear shifting you would save 18,250,000 seconds. That’s 304,166 minutes, 5070 hours, 211 days, or 7 months! That’s a lot of extra free time!

Think about this if you applied this to your business. What things could you do differently that save you time shifting from one thing to the next? What could you do to prepare in advance or bulk things up together so that you aren’t gear shifting. There isn’t a lot of time in this world and I would prefer not to waste it.

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