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If you want to be influential or successful…you need to be admired and care for others

Each time I study business concepts, marketing tactics, or promo videos people make for their business it does not surprise me why they struggle in making a living. Many people in business are just looking to go after money and that is their focus. As I mention often, when you focus on money it is only an exchange and wealth is only created when you focus on providing value for others.

With these business owners, I often see them asking and doing things that aim for “How can I help myself” versus “how can I help others.” It is for this reason I turned down many partnerships with many people. It is about the character that they have. If they don’t have it, I simply will not work with them.

People that are the most influential are the people that are most admired. They are the ones that persuade others to do things, to purchase things. If you are going to be a jerk, how can you be a role model for others?

Want to influence others? want to make a difference. Be the person that people admire and care for them.

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