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Leveraging Your Business By Using Fiverr

In business, I am always trying to find ways to leverage my time. I try to stick to the following strategy (regarding my business) as much as possible with my time because time is very precious to me:

  • 5% focus on strategy, mini to-do tasks
  • 15% focus on delegating or administrating tasks
  • 80% creating, relating, or marketing

Of course, I do focus on education, health, and other things, but when it comes to business that is somewhat the breakdown that I use.

So the primary thing is creating products, blog posts, videos, marketing, and so forth. The next biggest thing is delegating tasks to others. Although sometimes I can do the items faster or better, I plan in advance so I can save my time to be able to work on other things. A very critical thing many business owners must learn.

Remember to work ON your business, not IN your business.

I use a few different ways to add leverage, from Upwork to but as well as Fiverr. Although I prefer Upwork and Freelancer for more detailed or professional work, can be great for mini tasks.

If you never heard of it – it is a website that allows people to post gigs and things they are willing to do for $5. Which if you are a business owner, it allows you to purchase services and products for $5 making certain things very cost effective.

Some of the services are goofy and funny and very unrelated to businesses, however, others are great for people just getting off the ground. Here are some examples of some gigs that can be beneficial for business owners:

  • I will create Professional Ebook Cover for $5
  • I will make you an apple style video for $5
  • I will modify your WordPress blog/website as per your needs for $5
  • I will give you 100 royalty free music loops for $5
  • I will design a custom header or banner for $5
  • I will digitize your logo to be used on an embroidery machine for $5

There are many great gigs available! You have to do your research before choosing a gig or contact the seller ahead of time to make sure it will solve your need. However, once you maintain a relationship and have had good results, it is great to keep in touch for future work. Just remember that it is only $5 and you can not expect amazing results.

For things that require extra attention I do use Upwork or Freelancer, never-the-less can be a great way to leverage your business.

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