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I’d like to break the world of marketers down in two groups just for a moment…. You can go back to thinking about it however you like after I share with you this concept, but I would like you to think of the world of marketers as a “pushing” group and a “pulling” group.

Remember my philosophy: if you are a business owner you are a marketer. If you are a marketer, you fit probably into either the pushing group or the pulling group. So what are these two groups? They are pushing and pulling.

These two groups are the gateways of how you conduct and run not only your marketing but also your business.

It is important to understand these two groups and figure out which one you fit into so you know how your approach is influencing your customers.

Overview of the Pushing Group

The pushing group is the group of people that push things on to their customers or consumers. I don’t mean that they do this in a bad way – but they try and funnel them to do one thing or another. Your whole business can be setup as a “pushing” based business.

Think for example the one-product wonder businesses where the inventor develops or creates one product and then pushes people to sell it. He advertises it on television, spends money on ads online, keeps talking about his product, puts an ad in magazines, and so on. This typically happens with the $19.95 products that you see on television.

The pushing never ends and the company or the investor is not the one to continue to develop or create additional benefits to customers anymore. The business is setup to just push people to buy this miracle invention.

Overview of the Pulling Group

The pulling group is the group that pulls you in and constantly looking to grab you with insights, goodies, freebies, offerings, or “wow’s.” It is usually softer than the pushing group.

As an example of pulling think of it as someone who owns a cleaning product business and they just created a product to make your house windows shine (a new liquid cleaner product). This liquid cleaner you decide not to purchase it but the guy that was trying to sell it to you gives you his fancy cleaner sponge that absorbs things right up as a free gift.

Next month, he comes back and tells you about his new product which is a magic duster. You don’t care much for it, but he gives you a sample of their laundry softener. The following month he just sends you a gift in the mail of a cleaning brush they just developed with an ability to purchase the softener, cleaning sponge, duster, liquid cleaner, etc.

This little sequence that happened is a way to pull you into their business funnel as you were able to build the relationship and gain a sense of trust. You were also able to try out the products and see how they work and build up a familiarity with them. Each time he came back or connected with you – he was inviting rather than kept pushing the sale of the original product. This is more of a pulling strategy.

The Difference Between the Two

The two groups function very differently if you break them down. They both are aiming to get you to an end goal that is predetermined just through a different road or path.

Think of this way: if you were going on a road trip would you rather have an RV or a sports car? Probably the RV because you can relax and take it easy and enjoy the trip. Both means of transportation, of course, would get you to your destination, just in a different way.

When it comes to business the end goal is to make money. To make money you have to have a sustainable offering that your customers want and without this offering, the business would die.

Now you can do it by either inviting people in with your offer such as cookies – and if they don’t come in and take your offer it’s okay because next month you have cupcakes and maybe they will want those. Or you can tell people to go in and push them to buy your cookies – if they don’t then in a few days again you will tell them to buy some cookies.

These are clearly two different approaches however both focus on the same end goal which is the sale of your product.

How I Use the Power of Pulling in My Business

As for me, I love the power of pulling. I often setup my business in the sense of I pull people in rather than pushing people. To push people you have to constantly add pressure and although those strategies, techniques, and methods do work for quite a few business owners, it is not my favorite because it requires time and consistency and sometimes can be a bit more forcefully.

Instead, I like to just constantly create and develop and allow other people to discover me. I like to contribute and do what I personally enjoy doing rather than doing such as writing blog posts, creating graphics, creating courses, and products. My products are the gateway to my clients. If I create a fantastic product and decide to give it away it only brings me more future customers later as word of mouth spreads. As they later want to come back and get more.

If I write blog posts I may not get rewarded from the traffic from them instantly or get 10,000 hits to the post I publish this moment, but I get the 10,000 hits to that one page in the next few years. Imagine if I have 500 articles this could bring me 5,000,000 hits if each one got 10,000 hits over the lifetime of the blog!

What if I had 10 courses and sold 3 of each course a month at $300 each. That’s 30 courses sold, or $9,000 a month. Rather than just developing and putting all my efforts in one course this works out better for me and my strategy. I do not mind the slow growth. I embrace it.

I let the reward come to me later and just keep doing what I enjoy doing. I let things come to me and pull them in with the goodies I offer rather than me putting in more energy and time to chase and pressure people to purchase my wonder-product.

Wrap Up

I’m not saying being one or the other is better. I am just letting you know my choice and in how I structured my business so you can plan yours out in the way you would like.

The question is then are you a pusher or a puller and which one would you rather be?

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