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Relax More and Be More Productive by Working in Your Higher-Self!

We often try and push ourselves even when we don’t want to work just because we want to get more done. Sometimes this is helpful because we do manage to push through and get a few more things done on the agenda but a lot of times it’s at a huge disadvantage.

When we push through those tough times we often work slower, less focused, and the quality of our work is just not that high quality as it could be. This is because we worked in our lower self rather than our higher self.

The Wave Cycles

The human body has over 300 wave cycles that happened to it and that it regulates. Some examples of these wave cycles include

  • heartbeat
  • breathing rhythm
  • the way we walk
  • menstrual cycle
  • our digestive system
  • our blood flow
  • our sleep cycle
  • and many more

All of these things have a certain rhythm or wave and they work optimally or do their job during the highs and lows. Take for example our sleep cycle when we are sleeping we are at our low recharging her body to charging ourselves for the day. When we are in the day dancing around, being active, running, or exercising then our sleep cycle is at the low since it’s being drained.


The point here is we have both cycles; the highs and the lows and we need to take advantage of both sides and use them optimally to get the best results.

Your Awesome Productivity Day

Did you ever have those days where you just accomplished so much? You felt like you completed many tasks on your to-do list and that you were just so productive? Of course, you have – and this is because you were working in your higher self and possibly at your highest state. On the flip side to that, did you ever have those sluggish days where you just didn’t get anything done? Maybe you stared at the computer screen all day not doing anything – that is because you are in your lower self either mentally, emotionally, or physically.

Maximizing Your Higher and Lower Self

Now that you understand that there to flip sides to our productivity, you need to start recognizing which state you are in. If you are in your higher self, you should be working on the most value-added things that will contribute the most to your business. Don’t do things like data entry it doesn’t contribute and add value to your business. Instead focus on the marketing, creating products, speaking to customers, and do things that bring in the revenue and grow your business.

When you are in your lower self, you should take a breather such a stretch, though for a walk, go to the beach, play some tennis, or just enjoy the day and stopped working! Ironic to say this but it is the quickest way to recharge yourself and get you back on track to getting more done and being more productive.

Different People Have Different Wave Cycles

Everyone has different way cycles throughout the month. You may have some days that are extremely productive that may last for three in a row and then the next three days weekly on productive. The same concept applies to sports. You may have a winning streak of five games, but after that may lose two of them.

We as humans cannot always be at her peak performance over time. This is almost like trying to be happy 100% of the time. It’s nearly impossible since you can not keep one state of mind always. We are designed to constantly change, evolve, receive information, interact with others which change us and creates these wave cycles.

So the important point is to start recognizing these wave cycles.

Wave Cycles Within Cycles

Let me go a little deeper for those of you don’t want to learn more. There are wave cycles within wave cycles. So let’s say you are having an amazing and the most productive day you ever had. You are working in your peak wave cycle.

However, throughout this day you also have a wave cycle such as focusing on the task for one hour and then taking a 15-minute break in doing this throughout the day seven times. This would be 7 waves within 1 large positive wave day.

You can see the diagram below.


Wrap Up:

The first step, of course, is to recognize that there are way cycles and now that you’re aware of them, as they happen throughout the day, the week, or the month you will be more likely to spot them. Once you are able to spot them you will be able to make decisions on what to do whether leverage your productivity and continue working or to take the day off if you are in your lower self.

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