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How to Start a Business that Matches the Lifestyle You Want

I often wonder about people’s lifestyle and how they are always thinking about work. It is the center of their life. If you think about it, we spend roughly 40 hours a week working, for some, it is 60 hours, and then the extreme person maybe 70 hours.

Never-the-less it if you work an average of 50 hours a week the majority of your life is actually working or doing job-related tasks to receive income.

So I ask you this question… Are you doing the things you want to be doing? Or are you doing the things that you say you have to do?

See when we find this perfect job and we are making great money, we are not happy with the other pieces of our life such as relationships, our health, and body, or our free-time.

I like to think that many people aim to have a great job first as income is a huge priority in their mind and then we assume we will get the other stuff or it will be easier.

Unfortunately, the problem is when you have something good or great, it’s hard to go back to the lower level to be able to move forward. It’s because we don’t want to downgrade. Let me give you an example.

The Wealthy Example

Let’s pretend you were already wealthy. Wealthy in your mind may mean $100,000 per year in income or it may mean $500,000 per year. Whatever the figure it does not matter. However you are exceptionally successful in your job, but unhappy at what you are doing day to day and you know it leads you to misery. Or you may be happy with what you are doing but you lack friendship or free-time to do the activities you enjoy doing.

You go to work doing the same tasks, it’s starting to create boredom, and you just feel like you are not contributing to anything. You things are done and accomplished but the personal satisfaction is not there. You have little friends, you have little spare time, and the activities you do get to do are very lonely.

Now although you are very successful in your job role – if you understand Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, you know that the friendship and love are more important than the job or the income. We as humans crave this much more.

The question now is would you be willing to give up your job in order to have more free time, or a chance at gaining more friends, other-hand or trying and doing different activities?

For many people they would not – as once you are successful you cling on to the one thing you are great at – which is worother hand, you forever feel unsatisfied and this ping-pong effect happens inside of you of what to do. But you don’t to downgrade to a worse off job since your pay will be less, yet you feel miserable with the other parts of your life…

The Perfect Day Exercise

Since the quality and totality of our life is based on the quality of many days together. When you create the perfect day first, then you know what you are aiming for in your life. Rather than just taking life and accepting the ride it gives you. (This is what many people do). They call it go with the flow. I personally like to take control.

I like to think of creating the perfect day. Take a moment to create your perfect day. Include things from the early morning to the late night such as:

  • Who you wake up next to
  • What you have for breakfast
  • What you do after breakfast
  • What you eat for lunch
  • Who your friends are
  • What you do with your friends
  • What you do evening time
  • and so forth

Make it as detailed as possible. It may be a page long or multiple pages. Try this once every month and you will see slowly how things morph and gravitate towards your perfect day. Your focus becomes more honed in at the perfect day of what you want rather than at the job.

Now do not forget to include a bit of work time on your perfect day. You may need to do this. So maybe you setup things in place where you work the first 4 hours and after lunch you are free to do other tasks. For some people, the first four hours may not even feel like work.

For example, if you love traveling and taking pictures maybe the first four hours you spend in a new city you take pictures and upload them to sell the photographs or send them to a magazine, but then the rest of the day you just walk and explore the sights of Spain.

If on the other-hand that business model does not work you may need to adjust it to let’s say be a traveling wedding photographer and then you work the weekend and then the rest of the week you explore Italy!

Creating the Business

Okay so now that you know what you want in a perfect day let’s analyze it a bit further. What are the important factors?

  • Do you want to make income residual in the future
  • Do you want to be able to hang out with your friends anytime you want?
  • Do you want to be location flexible and travel where you want to but still work if needed?
  • Do you want to do hard and labor intensive things?
  • Would you prefer to do mentally complex things over sweaty and labor intensive things?
  • Do you want to work with a lot of people and manage them in a building or would you rather have a virtual office with people working from all over?

There could be many other factors that are attractive to you. Write them down and now you have a business model that can fit with the lifestyle that you desire. Now, will it work perfectly as you imagine? Probably not.

You will have to make adjustments, tweaks, and changes to it slightly – but at least you are starting from ground zero and creating your plan of action. When you start from nothing it is often easier than when you have things already moving forward because it affects many other aspects of your life.

For me personally, the things that attract me the most is the time freedom and the location flexibility. I enjoy writing, posting, and creating content and higher level products for people. As I write the website gets built up and grows slowly. I don’t focus extensively on promoting it, instead, it grows organically and so does my product sales.

As I develop product #1 the sales may not be happening. Over the next year, product #4 may be released and product #1 is finally starting to get some accelerations. I know that some people love the huge product launches and making the $1,000,000 dollar product launch day, but for me personally I live my life pretty simple and don’t care for the added stress at the moment.

The Sacrifice or Change Has to Happen

Whether you are wealthy already or just an average income person and looking to start a business eventually there will come a time where you have to make a change. A big change. Whether that’s in your job or career, the people you associate with, the time you spend doing one thing or another, how you spend your money, or something else.

If you want things to change bad enough – It will come. Be prepared. You may need to downgrade parts of your life to move forward. If you choose not to, you will probably just stay where you are because that drive for change is not big enough. Until that drive for growth is strong enough you will stay where you are at.

Business wise…If you were driven enough and you needed to raise some capital to start a business you could always sell your car, cell phone, or fancy TV. Many people though think well “I need a car” or “I need a cell phone to run my business” but the fact is there are much cheaper alternatives and this would allow you to save some money.

In fact, I know someone that ate Ramen noodles for a year and lived in their office and later sold his company 5 years later for over $150 million dollars. Not a bad pay off I think. However, there are very few people that would be willing to downgrade their life and live in their office.

Take J.K. Rowling who lived in her car and now has become the world’s best-selling author selling over 500 million copies of her Harry Potter book series.

If you have an amazing fancy job now but a crappy lifestyle how bad does it have to be until you make a change? On the other hand, if you have a horrible job and an okay lifestyle, what are you willing to do to get what you want?

But the bigger question is, are the things you want worth the change? If it is then moving forward and make the changes now. Not later, but immediately. Make your actions inevitable.

The Next Few Steps

Step 1: If you haven’t done so yet, go ahead and do the perfect day exercise. You can do the same exercise discussing your perfect work environment, spouse, and even kids.

Step 2: Figure out the freedoms or flexibility you want from your job or activities that bring you the money. You need to setup the appropriate work environment to support your lifestyle and the freedoms you want.

Step 3: Put things in motion and make the activities that will move you forward inevitable. Whether that’s getting a mentor or making another change that forces you to get the outcome you desire. For example, if you want to watch less TV and be more productive, rather than timing your TV time, you sell your TV. This will guarantee you watch less TV.

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