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The Loop Cycle of Life & Business

The loop cycle is one of those things that many of us fall into….We fall into it when we move through our day, business operations, finances, and even relationships.

It is a session in our life that is on repeat similar to watch a movie, and then restarting it to play again.

This can be great for some people because it gives us a sense of comfort to our lives. However doing things on repeat won’t yield anything new for your business unless it is already working and growing your business organically.

The problem comes from our human nature. It is our nature to be habitual and many things and have a routine because that’s what sets the comfort. Even if it is damaging for us and we see it – it is still hard to stop.

The reason? because we have seen the consequence before and we know how we will react to it. (We can deal with it). Similar to how abusive relationships go unstopped for years because you know what to expect and you have survived the last time. If you leave the abusive relationship… you don’t know what will happen….

How people do this in business:

When it comes to your business, many people get stuck in this loop cycle. We tend to do things that give us the same results. In the web development industry, I have seen people start new website projects time and time again making the same mistakes repeatedly.

The problem with this is that if you don’t know or understand how to make a business work – then it won’t work!

Always ask yourself… are there people in my current industry that are making money? If yes then you too can be successful… it is just you haven’t learned how to be successful in this niche or in business.

Rather than starting another new project, business idea, or website idea – figure out how to make your first one successful. Once you have the first one done then will know how to make your website or business successful. After that, you can dabble in other projects and interests.

Start applying this:

Start catching yourself in the loop cycle. Are you doing the same exact stuff in your business on repeat, but not getting great results?

Are you working hard focusing on the administrative tasks that bring you no money? Are you blowing money on things you don’t really need? Usually, these things have a cycle – catch yourself!

Don’t get stuck in this loop cycle. Stop that stuff!

Start noticing yourself when you are on repeat in your behavior and fight against the natural programming that we have going against us. This is where personal growth is achieved.

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