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How to Make Money Immediately Freelancing and Selling Things Online

Whether you are in college, just got out, got laid off, or are struggling to make some extra cash flow, here are a few great websites that can help you make some extra money on the side. I would not quit your day job until you are stable, however these can put some extra green in your pocket.


Fiverr is easy to use. You list a gig that you are willing to do for $5. Anything ranging from video testimonials to ebook cover design to photoshop editing and translation services. After people buy your gig and you fulfill it – you get $4 (as fiverr takes $1 for commission). I have seen people on Fiverr make anywhere from $1,000 to $2,000 extra per month. Do not under estimate it if you need some extra cash. Visit


This is my go-to place for hiring contractors. I hire writers to proof read my books, content, and every now and then get some other type of work done like programming or design work when I am backed up. There are tons of great people on here looking to make money and they are serious about their work. Definitely a great resource to utilize. Visit

screen-freelancer just bought out – Now this site became huge. There are a lot of programmers on here. I would say it is more technical than general, but there are so many things that are on this website its amazing. Unfortunately to me at times it feels cluttered. Anyways check it out for some extra cash. Visit


Similar to or odesk is another freelancing website. You checkout the jobs such as web development, writing, design services, and business services and then get hired to do the job. Visit


Do not forget about ebay if you need extra money. You can sell anything in your house that is not needed. Even things that you find at garage sales. If you have the time, take advantage of this marketplace. Visit


Sellfy is my recent awesomeness tool that I been utilizing to sell my digital products. If you wrote a book, have a digital good, or video that you want to sell – is great! They do take 5% for each sale and you must have PayPal to buy or sell things, however the ease of use is just fantastic. Visit


99Designs is a unique reverse bidding system for design projects. You place a request for what you need – lets say a logo, then multiple people design it for you with multiple ideas and revisions and you choose one at the end. The winner ends up making or collecting the money. Its a cool concept, however I believe you can waste a lot of time if you are not very good… so keep that in mind. Visit

screen-cafepress / Affiliate

Do not forget that on millions of websites you can be an affiliate. Meaning sign up and sell their stuff. When you sell their stuff you get a cut or percentage of the sales. is great for that. However sticks out for me for the general user without a website. You can design t-shirts and print material and sell it to your friends for a markup. Kind of a cool concept.

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