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Take Yourself to the Next Level

Welcome to my personal coaching area. If you are serious about taking your business, wealth, or personal-self to the next level where you are more profitable, successful, meeting the right people, and transforming your life – then we should chat.

I would love to have a one-on-one phone or video session with you where we can personally discuss your business goals, strategies to building your customers, increasing your sales, and traffic generation ideas.

Let me help you make more money, get more customers, and generate more sales! More importantly, I want you to enjoy life’s freedom, to have more free time to do the things that you love so that you contribute to others and live life abundantly.

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How does a coaching session work?

My coaching programs are custom designed to the individual and their goals. Someone that is looking for guidance on the best strategies to setup their business will have different needs than someone who is already established and looking to get more customers through online mediums.

Since everyone has different needs – the way things work will be different for each case. Here are some variations that can happen from something that is simple to something that is more complex:

  • A standard one hour phone consultation
  • One 6 hour intensive training session
  • One initial 6 hour intensive with 3 (one-hour) follow up sessions each week
  • Two initial 6 hour intensive sessions with bi-weekly hourly sessions for 6 months
  • Two initial 6 hour intensive sessions with weekly hourly sessions for one year
  • Three initial 6 hour intensive sessions with weekly hourly sessions and an intensive training session every 3 months for one year and an evaluation at the end

Of course things can be different and more customized depending on your needs and subject matter, but some people want just guidance and a little push and others want a little more attention to dig deep into their problem or set things up properly.

What perks or benefits do you get?

All of my personal coaching students get access to my private number and direct line. You also get access to my training library of all my video training courses as well as my books and study material. This alone is worth thousands of dollars.

How much does it cost?

Since every session is different and requires a different amount of time, energy, and may include travel and an evaluation period they can range from $1,000 to $50,000+

For a more accurate price or quote it is best to discuss your needs by contacting me directly.

How do I get started?

To get started just click here or the button below and fill out your request. We can then speak directly based on your needs and go from there.

Let’s Chat…& Get to Know Each Other

or call 941-306-1780 to get in touch

See What Others are Saying…

“Sasha is just a wealth of solid information on the ins and outs of success on the Internet. His broad and in depth information not only comes from being a long time student of Internet Marketing but, also and perhaps more importantly, his personal success story. If you have the opportunity to listen to or engage Sasha on the subject of Internet Marketing, do it. Your business will prosper.”
– Andre Kasberger, Internet Marketing Masterminds Group
“With the strategies I learned from Sasha I was able to restructure the way I do business and actually make it profitable. Any business can benefit from his educational courses and material!”
– Andrew Jackson, Presidential Landscape Lighting
“Sasha! Thank you for your knowledge and leadership. Your expertise and education has helped me elevate my business to the next level! Continue with the great work you do!”
– Ulises Piedra, Ulises Piedra Photography
“I hesitated to spend the money, but the value was exceptional! Working with Sasha for two days as ingnited new potential and new ideas for which we want to grow our business. The concepts, the tips, and the mentality of how to go from service to product oriented business has been simplified and the way I see the future is much clearer. I thank Sasha for this and for the new way of seeing things!If you need or want something longer please do not hesitate to ask. When you are ready the teacher appears it what keeps going through my mind about you. I thank you so much for sharing your knowledge.”
– Laura Heuer, Divas Mobile Solutions
“It was a pleasure finally meeting you. Sheetal and I were talking after our power marketing session and both agreed that our time today was well worth it. We learned so much and gained a great deal of value from the session. Thanks again for your time and for enabling us to rethink our approach to the marketing of our business. We look forward to carrying out our action plan and to continuing to work with you.”
– Piccolo Swamy, Teajo Teas
Let’s Chat…& Get to Know Each Other

or call 941-306-1780 to get in touch